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Reactive emulsifiers

Reactive emulsifiers

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Emulsifiers:Reactive Emulsifiers are able to improve emulsion stability and waterproof performance and heat resistance of paint film because of its copolymerization. It will better to use in concert with non-ionic emulsifier.Anionic has excellent dispersibility and solubility.Endow the emulsion with fine particle size and low condensation.    Additives:Wetting&Defoaming agent, Wetting&Dispersing agent, and crosslinking agent.

Reactive emulsifiers

There will emulsifier free after polymerization, avoid desorption and migration on the film, which can increase the water-resistance and scrub resistance. Also can increase the calcium ion stability used with non-ionic emulsifier.  
1.Enhance the emulsion stability, and decrease the condensation in polymerization: UCAN-1  
2.Enhance the flexibility, cohesion, substrate adhesion, good dipersibility to pigment: APE-2003 ,APE-2005,APE-2012 
3.Good dispersibility and solubility:V-100P, V-200P
4.To improve pigment capacity,adhesion,and stability: A-2404,2405NA,A-2405NH