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1Paper making coating

1Paper making coating

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Emulsifiers:.Reactive Emulsifiers are able to improve emulsion stability and waterproof performance and heat resistance of paint film because of its copolymerization. It will better to use in concert with non-ionic emulsifier.Anionic has excellent dispersibility and solubility.Endow the emulsion with fine particle size and low condensation.While, non-ionic has excellent wettability, emulsifying ability and permeability, can improve calcium ion stability and frozen thawed stability.
Additives:Wetting&Dispersing agent can efficiently prevent from flocculation, while defoamer will eliminate and suppress foam, and we also provide neutralization agent, viscosity increasing resin,fungicide, leveling agent, protective colloid, thickening agent, and additives.

Reactive Emulsifiers

There will emulsifier free after polymerization, avoid desorption and migration on the film, which can increase the water-resistance and scrub resistance. Also can increase the calcium ion stability used with non-ionic emulsifier. 
1.Good emulsification:NRS series
2.To obtain excellent mechanical stability and paint waterproof ability:V series, M series  (which may in acid environment)
3.To improve polymerization stability(low molecule reactive monomer) :UCAN series, SVS
4.Excellent solubility and dispersibility:AE series
5.Good dispersibility and sink preventing ability:APE series, UCAN-3,4, V-100P,200P
6.To improve pigment capacity,adhesion,and stability:A series

Anionic emulsifier(APEO free)

Excellent solubility and dispersibility, and be able to dissociated into negative ions, include carboxylates, sulfonate, and sulfate emulsifier.
1.High requirement on calcium ion stability: A-102K,130S,6820,6830,3030(suit for low odor production)
2.Narrow EO distribution, and obtain fine particle size:GS series
3.Foaming emulsion:UCAN-32, KS series, ABS-23,LS-28
4.High requirement on dispersibility:PS-530, PS-1080
5.High requirement on wettability:OT-75, B-196, IBMS, ES series(fine particle)
6.Reduce condensation and as bottom auxiliary agent: B-196,UCAN-53
7.With iso-electric level, endow the paint film with low adhesion, and resistant to cations: UCAN-18N, 18S,35T, 830
8.Stable in soft/hard water and strong acid/base system:ABS series,DS-23,AS-30
9.Contain aromatic, which is benefit for the pigment dispersing and the pigment capacity for emulsion: BSM series, TES series, PS-100, 116, 120
10.Fine particle size, good wettability and dispersibility, as well as in paste:PS series

Anionic emulsifier(containing APEO)

Excellent solubility and dispersibility, and be able to dissociated into negative ions, include carboxylates, sulfonate, and sulfate emulsifier.Endow emulsion with fine particle size,low condensation
1.Fine particle size,good film water resistance and calcium ion stability:A-103,FS-935
2.Foaming emulsion:UCAN-58
3.High requirement on dispersibility:PS-630
4.Low foaming:PS-825A,NPS-2030
5.Reduce condensation and as bottom auxiliary agent:UCAN-51
6.Wetting, penetrating, anti-static:APO-65,CO-458
7.Can be used in high viscous and good leveling emulsion:A-2836, OPS-25

Non-ionic emulsifier

Excellent wettability ,emulsifying ability and permeability, be able to improve calcium ion stability and frozen thawed stability
1.Excellent wettability ,emulsifying ability and permeability:EFS series(APEO free)
2.Multi-functional emulsifier and agent, be able to improve stability and color exhibition:BEO series (APEO free)
3.High EO value, can improve freeze-thaw stability and chemical stability:A-980(APEO free)
4.Low foaming,also can be used for modification of hydrogen silicone and polyurethane:M series (APEO free)  
5.Be used as emulsifier assistant or rear stabilizer:CO series and DP series
6.Excellent wettability and dispersibility:LB series

Wetting agent

1.Especially for substrate which is difficult to wet:L-808(APEO free), WET(APEO free), OT(APEO free)
2.Enhance chemical stability and pigment bearing capacity, post addition, good calcium ion stability: P-100, TX-405, EFS series(APEO free and low foaming)

Dispersing agent

1.Good dispersing and viscous reducing, low foaming: S-703
2.Suitable for anatase titanium dioxide dispersing:S-705

Neutralization agent

Control the pH value and has wide pH tuning ranges

Viscosity increasing resin

Used in water-based cement, can improve the peel strength, such as label adhesive


1.Fast defoaming,long last, used in architectural coatings:DF-523(containing silicone),528(silicone free)
2.Fast defoaming,long last, used in pressure sensitive adhesive:DF-538(silicone free),568
3.Excellent defoaming, suit for various of emulsion systems, adhesive and ink:DF-588


1.Isothiazolone,broad-spectrum sterilization,formaldehyde free:KIL100,300, BM5,BIT20
2.Bronopol, used in aqueous chemical:KIL P100

Thickening agent

1.Acrylic type,environmenta leveling alkali swelling and thicker, meet pseudoplasticity requirements:TCK35,60
2.Polyurethane type,without alkali neutralization, versatility, and also suitable for cation system:TCK110

Leveling agent

Polyurethane type,non-ionic.

Protective colloid

Reduce the condensation, and prevent the form of the latex particles.


Fluorocarbon,low surface tension, excellent wetting ability, and endow with paint film antifouling performance.