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Functional monomer

Functional monomer

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Functional monomer
Provide for slight crosslinking, forming network structure,thus improving the overall performance.
1.The thickening performance of emulsion was improved effectively: BOM-25,BOM-30,BOM-60
2.Be used for a variety of emulsion polymerization and solvent based polymerization, low formaldehyde release:IBMA
3.Be used in acrylic emulsion, urea based compounds:V-50M,V-70M
4.Also can be used in oily system:V-100M
Be used in a variety of emulsion, can improve the water resistance,adhesion and flexibility after film formed ,can be applied in a variety of emulsions:V-205,SILICON-2,SILICON-4,SILICON-7
6.Be used in water based emulsion,additives for polymeric emulsifier, textile, water treatment agent, concrete, etc: :MPEG-MA-500,MPEG-MA-1000,MPEG-MA-2000
7.Enhance the crosslinking density: TM-50,TM-200 (for the synthesis of self crosslinking emulsion)