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Reactive emulsifiers

Reactive emulsifiers

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Emulsifiers:There are three parts:one is used in pure acrylic, second is styrene acrylic,and the last is acetic acrylic.Reactive Emulsifiers are able to improve emulsion stability and waterproof performance and heat resistance of paint film because of its copolymerization. It will better to use in concert with non-ionic emulsifier.Anionic has excellent dispersibility and solubility.Endow the emulsion with fine particle size and low condensation.While, non-ionic has excellent wettability, emulsifying ability and permeability, can improve calcium ion stability and frozen thawed stability.
Additives:Wetting&Dispersing agent can efficiently prevent from flocculation, while defoamer will eliminate and suppress foam, and we also provide neutralization agent, fungicide, leveling agent, protective colloid, thickening agent, and additives.

Application in styrene acrylic

Reactive emulsifiers

There will emulsifier free after polymerization, avoid desorption and migration on the film, which can increase the water-resistance and scrub resistance. Also can increase the calcium ion stability used with non-ionic emulsifier. 
1.Good emulsification:NRS series
2.To obtain excellent mechanical stability and paint waterproof ability:V series, M series  (which may in acid environment)
3.To improve polymerization stability(low molecule reactive monomer) :UCAN series, SVS
4.Excellent solubility and dispersibility:AE series
5.Good dispersibility and sink preventing ability:APE series, UCAN-3,4, V-100P,200P
6.To improve pigment capacity,adhesion,and stability:A series