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Anionic emulsifier(containing APEO)

Anionic emulsifier(containing APEO)

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Anionic emulsifier(containing APEO)

Excellent solubility and dispersibility, and be able to dissociated into negative ions, include carboxylates, sulfonate, and sulfate emulsifier.Endow emulsion with fine particle size,low condensation
1.Fine particle size,good film water resistance and calcium ion stability:A-103,FS-935
2.Foaming emulsion:UCAN-58
3.High requirement on dispersibility:PS-630
4.Low foaming:PS-825A,NPS-2030
5.Reduce condensation and as bottom auxiliary agent:UCAN-51
6.Wetting, penetrating, anti-static:APO-65,CO-458
7.Can be used in high viscous and good leveling emulsion:A-2836, OPS-25