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Anionic emulsifier(APEO free)

Anionic emulsifier(APEO free)

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Anionic emulsifier(APEO free)

Excellent solubility and dispersibility, and be able to dissociated into negative ions, include carboxylates, sulfonate, and sulfate emulsifier.
1.High requirement on calcium ion stability: A-102K,A-130S, A-6820, A-6828, A-6830, A-3030 (suit for low odor production)
2.Narrow EO distribution, and obtain fine particle size:A-6890, GS-730,GS-930
3.Foaming emulsion:UCAN-32, KS-360,KS-430,KS-1130, 
4.High requirement on wettability: OT-75, B-196, B-8040,IBMS, ES-430S,ES-430A ,ES-073,ES-630,ES-670,ES-730,ES-930,ES-1230,ES-2030 (fine particle)
5.Reduce condensation and as bottom auxiliary agent: B-196,UCAN-53
6.With iso-electric level, endow the paint film with low adhesion, and resistant to cations:               UCAN-18N, UCAN-18S, UCAN-830
7.Stable in soft/hard water and strong acid/base system: ABS-19,ABS- 23,ABS-27, ABS-50,ABS-96,DS-23,AS-30
8.Contain aromatic, which is benefit for the pigment dispersing and the pigment capacity for emulsion: BSM-108,BSM-116,TES-1028,TES-1630, PS-100, PS-116, PS-120