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Non-ionic emulsifier

Non-ionic emulsifier

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Non-ionic emulsifier

Excellent wettability ,emulsifying ability and permeability, be able to improve calcium ion stability and frozen thawed stability.
1.Excellent wettability ,emulsifying ability and permeability(APEO free): EFS-630,EFS-1280,EFS-90, EFS-470, EFS-1310,EFS-1312,EFS-1320,EFS-1330,EFS-1340,EFS-1080T,EFS-3280,EFS-3365,EFS-4070
2.Multi-functional emulsifier and agent, be able to improve stability and color exhibition(APEO free): BEO-100, BEO-200, BEO-250, BEO-3070, BEO-4070, BEO-5070
3.High EO value, can improve freeze-thaw stability and chemical stability:A-980(APEO free)
4.Be used as emulsifier assistant or rear stabilizer: CO-630,CO-89,CO-977,DP-90, DP-100, DP-150, DP-200, DP-300, DP-400, DP-500
5.Excellent wettability and dispersibility: LB-108, LB-142, LB-152, LB-250, LB-407