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Our products are widely usedShanghai Honesty Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. is a private limited company which is initiated in 1998. The products of ONIST are widely used in the factory produce emulsion and coatings for latex, adhesive, paper, textile, ink, etc. By 2015, ONIST has established and started the foreign trade import and export business, and expanding actively.

Reactive Emulsifiers

➣tip1: Mixture ratio of prepolymer and emulsifier can be at 5:1. ➣tip2: Phosphate emulsifiers can obtain stable emulsion,and also have good dispersion. ➣tip3: Aggolomerate and oligomers maybe occur when adding quickly or under high-temperature. ➣tip4: High dosage is beneficial to improve the water-resistance of the film.

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Anionic emulsifier without APEO

➣tip1: Use A-102K,A-6820 and A-6828 if it has high requirement to calcium stability of emulsifier. ➣tip2: A-6890 has narrow molecular weight distribution,and can get emulsion with fine particles. ➣tip3: Use OT-75,B-196 and B-8040 if it has high requirement to wetting ability. ➣tip4: GS system have narrow EO distribution,and can be used to prepare for emulsion with fine particles.

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Anionic emulsifier containing APEO

➣tip1: Use A - 103 and FS935 if it has high requirement for calcium stabilty of emulsifier. ➣tip2: Use PS-630 if it has high requirement to dispersion for emulsifier. ➣tip3: Use PS-825A if it has high requirement to low foaming performance. ➣tip4: Choose UCAN-51 to decrease gel,and used as bottom assistant.

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Non-ionic emulsifier without APEO

➣tip1: EFS series products have better wetting, emulsifying and penetrating properties. ➣tip2: Different HLB values can give you more choices to suit different emulsion requirements.

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Non-ionic emulsifier containing APEO

➣Selection of Tips: We hope to improve product performance through the introduction of new products, so that customers can get better products and quality. ➣Selection of small stickers: LB series products are superior in wettability and dispersion.

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Special Monomers

➣Small stickers: we hope to improve the performance of the emulsion through the introduction of some functional monomers, so that our customers can get better products and quality. ➣Tips: BOM series monomers can be used together to improve the overall coordination performance.

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Wetting Dispersing & Defoaming

➣The small sticker shows that the performance of wetting, defoaming and dispersing can meet the requirements of emulsion and color paste for high performance and high quality. ➣Selection of Tips: DISP111, 131, 151 series products have different HLB values, providing more matching options. ➣Choose small stickers: no APEO.

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Additives For Coating & Ink

➣Selection of small stickers: ADT-950 with the increase of the amount of added, peeling force showed an upward trend. ➣Selection of small stickers: WET-750 has a low surface tension, 0.2% of the addition, static surface tension can reach 22 dynes/cm. ➣The small paste shows that EFS-407 is especially suitable for coating system. It can first be added to the powder to disperse first, then add the emulsion, which is beneficial to improve the chemical stability of the emulsion in the powder.

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Suggestion For Special Used

➣Selection of Tips: Customized products have been embodied in practice, hoping that customers can use them more conveniently.

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Glycoluril Resin

Product Center

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Multi-aromatic Emulsifiers

Selection of small stickers: the introduction of a variety of products to meet the different needs and choices of customers.

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