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Suggestion For Special Used
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Suggestion For Special Used

➣Selection of Tips: Customized products have been embodied in practice, hoping that customers can use them more conveniently.
Products Detail
  Appearance Character Solid contentWT% Special application Characteristic
A-45 liquid Emulsifier 45-48% Waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion High transparency, light color film products, excellent mechanical stability
A-160 liquid Emulsifier 44-46% Waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion
B-45 liquid Emulsifier 45-48% Waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion
A-1620 liquid Emulsifier 16-18% Waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive emulsion Low-cost Emulsifier
A-2130 liquid Emulsifier 28-31% Laminated glue, label glue Environmentally friendly products, better emulsifying and dispersing properties, low coagulants
A-450 liquid Emulsifier 45-47% Pressure Sensitive Adhesive and Film Coating Adhesive Environmentally friendly products, better emulsifying and dispersing properties, low coagulants
S-12 liquid Emulsifier 28-30% Carboxylated styrene butadiene latex Fine particle size, good emulsification, dispersion, excellent mechanical stability, no APEO
B-80 liquid Emulsifier 78-82% Carboxylated styrene butadiene latex Emulsifier for autoclave base material, Emulsifier for polymerization, excellent mechanical stability
B-108 liquid Emulsifier 22-24% Styrene homopolymer emulsion High conversion rate, low gel
DBS liquid Emulsifier 40-43% Waterborne emulsion Excellent polymerization stability, excellent mechanical stability
EXG-101 liquid SPECIAL PHOSPHATE 30-33% Waterborne emulsion Good emulsifying properties and stability of emulsion polymerization give the emulsion excellent dispersibility, lower foam, and give the film excellent water resistance.
EXG-202 liquid Special carboxylic acid sulfonate 36-39% Waterborne emulsion Good emulsifying properties and stability of emulsion polymerization give the emulsion excellent freeze-thaw stability, and lower foam gives the film excellent water resistance./td>
ES-500(new) liquid Low foam sulfate 49-52% Waterborne emulsion Low foaming, low coagulation, good wettability and dispersibility, no APEO, emulsifiable monomer
EM-828(new) liquid Waterborne emulsion 45-48% Waterborne epoxy emulsion Good metal corrosion resistance, stable mechanical properties and fine particle size
TAN-1035(new) Thick liquid Polyacrylic acid 30-35% Retanning agent Give leather soft feel, good fullness and brightness
V-50 liquid Emulsifier 45-47% Vinyl acetate emulsion Fine particle size, low viscosity, stable emulsion
A-1292-4 liquid Emulsifier 98-100% Phenolic resin foaming and closing agent Excellent wetting, dispersing, emulsifying ability, low Emulsifier dosage, low viscosity, good comprehensive properties, foamed products with fine and uniform pore size
APS-350 liquid Emulsifier 34-36% Water-borne rosin dispersible adhesive Multifunctional Emulsifier, with a variety of strong hydrophilic groups, has excellent wetting, dispersion, emulsifying ability, low Emulsifier dosage, low viscosity.
P-1 liquid Film forming AIDS 97-99% Acrylic emulsion It is a non-volatile, low-viscosity polymer plasticizer developed for plasticized acrylic polymers. Unlike many other types of plasticizers, P1 does not adversely affect adhesion, consistency, pigments adhesion and packaging stability of acrylic latex. The compatibility of acrylic acid dispersions is quite tolerant, and the film temperature of emulsion decreases with the increase of dosage.
SP-5 liquid foaming agent 53-56% Phenolic resin foaming and opening agent Good wetting, dispersing and emulsifying ability. Open-cell Emulsifier specially developed for foaming resins can make the foamed resins have high water absorption and good moisture retention.
ADH solid 肼类 95%min Hydrazine Potential crosslinking for emulsion using TM-200 special monomer
BPE-06 liquid Bisphenol A Polyether 99%min Toughening agent for cathodic electrophoretic paint It can improve the flexibility, corrosion resistance and interlayer adhesion of cathodic electrophoretic paint, improve the mechanical strength and aging resistance of the paint, and has good chemical corrosion resistance and electrical properties. BPE06 contains hydroxyl group and can be grafted with epoxy resin. In the production of electrophoretic paint, BPE06 is often extended with epoxy resin in the amount of 10-30% of epoxy resin.
RS-616 liquid Xylene formaldehyde resin 91%min Resin plasticizer This resin has good compatibility and sealability. It is added to various synthetic resins such as PVC, epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylic resin and unsaturated resin to improve its plasticity. It has the characteristics of small migration, non-volatility and excellent plasticity in the long run. As a modifier, it mainly uses the condensation reaction of oxygen-containing active groups in its molecular structure with various compounds to improve the toughness of the modifier. It can prepare laminated and moulded plastic products, especially for electrical products used in high humidity environment.


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